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What Is a Bread Knife and Why Do You Need One?

The bread knife is one of the most distinctive knives. It features a significantly long blade and sharp serrated edges. The serrated blade makes the knife suitable for cutting or slicing softer items while avoiding damaging the shape of the food and preventing it from squishing. The grooved edge enables the chef to cut through soft-textured bread or cakes without ruining their shape.

What Are Bread Knives Used For?
Bread knives are used for cutting bread without exerting excessive pressure on the loaf and ruining its shape. The sharp serrated edge and long blade make the bread knife a perfect tool for cutting through all the different bread types include; bagels, baguettes, crusty bread as well as bread rolls. Bread knives are also versatile and can be conveniently used to cut other soft foods with fluffy textures such as cakes as they easily cut through them without damaging their shape or eliminating the air in the sponge cells.

Bread Knife Size
Bread knives come in varying lengths of between six to fourteen inches. The perfect size for you will, however, depend on what you are slicing. For average home use, eight inches blade size is ideal for slicing through most large loaves of bread while remaining relatively short for easy control. If you get a very long blade, it might flex while cutting, making it hard to make straight cuts.

The bread knife is perfect for cutting smooth and straight with ease, whether a few days old or freshly baked bread. Cutting bread is not the only use of this knife; even if you have no cake leveler in your cookware, you can use a bread knife to even out your cakes after baking. As long as you remain careful not to flex the bread knife’s blade, you can also use it in peeling hard-surfaced veggies like pumpkins or fruits like pineapple.